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The Weaver's Companion

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The Weaver's Companion
Madelyn van der Hoogt (Editor), Linda Collier Ligon (Editor), Marilyn Murphy (Editor), Gayle Ford (Illustrator)

All the basics of weaving are provided in this succinct handbook. Spiral-bound so that it stays open and filled with definitions and illustrations, the book invites weavers to refer to it as they work. Included are easy reference charts and many sidebar tips to ensure success in both on- and off-loom weaving techniques. Information on project preparation, tools, drafting, warping the loom, weaving, and in-depth finishing techniques is also provided. Resources for weavers include professional associations, Web sites, and common weaving terms in foreign languages. 

Spiral-bound, 112 pages
Published September 1st 2000 by Interweave Press
ISBN13: 9781883010812