You can always contact us at shuttles@shuttlesspindlesandskeins.com for any issues.

    Stock levels
    When a product has fewer than 10 in stock, you'll see a note above the Add to Cart button. For example,  "Only 4 items in stock!" will appear. If you do not see this note, it means that we have 10 or more of the item in stock.

    Dye lots
    When you order multiple skeins of one yarn, we will try to send all skeins with the same dyelot or substantially similar dyelots. If you have a preference for all skeins the same dyelot, please let us know. 

      Coned Yarn
      Cone weights can vary. Prices listed are per pound unless otherwise noted. If your cone weighs more or less than a pound, we will change the amount you are charged accordingly. If you need a specific quantity of yarn, please let us know.