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The Knitter's Guide to Combining Yarns

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The Knitter's Guide to Combining Yarns: 300 Foolproof Pairings

Kathleen Greco, Nick Greco

Excerpt from The Knitter's Guide To Combining Yarns:
Tired of guessing which yarns look and work best when knit together? The Knitter's Guide to Combining Yarns takes the stress and guesswork out of combining yarns by providing beginning knitters a spectrum of color pairings for each season. You can wind two strands around your finger or use this guide to see the many combinations available when knitting different yarns together.
The "All About Yarns" chapter discusses essential fibers, including cotton, bamboo, silk, mohair, and wool, plus basic textures such as ribbon, boucle, chenille, slubbed, and multi-strand. More than 25 colorful swatches reveal the most compatible yarn combinations.
In the "Color Harmony" chapter, you'll learn color wheel basics and how to coordinate colors, including monochromatic, analogous, complementary, black, white, and neutral color schemes.
The "How to Substitute Yarns" chapter reviews the essential elements to consider when substituting yarns, including weight, gauge, fiber content, yarn characteristics, stitch definition, and yardage.
The "Yarn Harmony Pairings" chapter showcases more than 275 swatches in a spectrum of colors and textures for spring, summer, fall, and winter. We loved experimenting with different yarns to achieve the most suitable pairings. Explore the range of yarn groupings that present a variety of textures and colors for all fashion styles. Whether you prefer knitting two strands together, creating row-by-row striping, or following your own stitch pattern, use this book to see what the yarns will look like when they are worked together.
As a bonus, there are eight patterns featuring pairings for each season. Explore the art of mixing yarns and gain the knowledge to make your own color palette blend. 

Paperback, 104 pages
Published August 1st 2007 by C&T Publishing
ISBN13: 9781571204325