Plain Weave is Anything But Plain

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by Leslie Voiers

Plain Weave is a weave in which threads interlace in a consistently alternating manner of over and under warp-wise and weft-wise with each succeeding row interlacing in opposition to the proceeding row. It is the simplest and most common form of interlacement and probably used to a much greater extent than any other weave structure. Additionally it is perhaps the one weave structure that is most receptive to incorporating various and diverse forms of ornamentation.

This document exploring plain weave was created as a compilation of notes, illustrations and drafts that form the handouts for the author's workshop on Plain Weave. Crisp diagrams coupled with explanatory text help the reader understand these and the 19 clearly explained projects the author has put together allow them to experience it for themselves. There is also a set of instructions on creating a Color and Weave Draft using a Log Cabin design.

8 1/2" x 11" Spiral Bound Softcover (34 pages)
2000, Water's Edge Weaving Studio