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Handwoven Home

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Liz Gipson

There's No Place Like a Handwoven Home!

Hand towels, table runners, placemats, throws–weaving is perfectly suited to creating and customizing just about any textile for your home.

In Handwoven Home, weaving expert Liz Gipson explains the tools and techniques you'll need to weave personalized home textiles on a rigid-heddle loom–the most popular loom on the market today. From choosing the right yarn for your project to achieving your desired cloth type and drape, this book covers all the basics. And the 20+ projects are perfectly suited to the rigid-heddle loom, each starting with a simple square or rectangle and involving little sewing, shaping or loom waste. You'll even learn how to make multiple towels at the same time, create a sturdy rug of wide fabric, and finish your projects with a polished, professional look. Whether you're making textiles for yourself or as a gift, inside you'll find everything you need to create a woven personal touch for any room.

Jun 08, 2017 | ISBN 9781632503381