Classic Elite Mohair

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Classic Elite Yarn Mohair, lovely to carry along with another yarn in a knitting project, or to add to your weaving project. Lace weight.

Yarn is put up on cones. Below, the weight of each cone is listed. Please add a note to your purchase indicating how much yarn you need, or what weight cone you would like. 

Pink 1.92 lb/1904 yds
Oatmeal .91 lb/902 yds
Oatmeal .94 lb/932 yds
Oatmeal .26 lb/257 yds
Oatmeal .90 lb/892 yds
Purple .14 lb
Green .12 lb
Natural .24 lb/238 yds
Natural .97 lb/962 yds
Natural .35 lb/347 yds
Variegated Brown .95 lb/942 yds
Variegated Black .97 lb/962 yds