Zephyr Wool-Silk

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This unique combination of natural fibers provides a yarn that is lightweight and lustrous. Equal percentages of fine Merino Wool and Chinese Tussah silk are joined to create a truly elegant yarn. 

Because wool and silk accept dyes differently, the fabric made from this yarn may have a slightly “tweedy” look in some shades and you may find the occasional silk nep.

The manufacturer recommends dry cleaning, especially for woven pieces with high contrast, or very gentle hand washing.

50% Merino Wool / 50% Chinese Tussah Silk

1 pound cone; approximately 5040 yards per pound
Weight: 2/18 Lace

IMPORTANT: Coned Yarns
When purchasing cones of yarn, please be aware that you will be charged for the actual weight of yarn. If you need a minimum yardage for project, please email us so that we can ensure that you get a cone with enough yarn.