spinning dyeing weaving self sufficiency by penny walsh

Spinning, Dyeing, & Weaving

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Spinning, Dyeing, & Weaving: Self Sufficiency

Penny Walsh

From the fly leaf: In this comprehensive book, Penny Walsh reveals all you need to know to make your own fabrics: where different fibres come from and how to grow or source your own; how to prepare them for spinning; how to use various spindles and spinning wheels to create yarn; how to dye your fabric using entirely natural dyestuffs; plus how to weave your material by hand either with or without a loom. Finally there are a number of simple projects - including a rug, a hat and a scarf - to put your newly-learnt skills to the test.

Paperback, 128 pages
Published 2009 by New Holland Publishing Ltd.
ISBN13: 9781847734594