Flatiron Spinning Wheel

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This Saxony style double treadle wheel is made of maple and apple-ply. With a 22-1/2" drive wheel, you can spin fast!

The Flatiron comes flat packed and can be assembled with the flyer on the left or on the right. With self-aligning bearings in the maidens and a fully adjustable drive wheel, the whole system is sure to spin true. The quick-release lever makes changing out bobbins trouble-free.

The Flatiron Spinning Wheel can be set up in all three tension systems (Scotch tension, double drive, and bobbin lead). The Flatiron comes with medium and fast whorls; the extra slow, slow, high, and super high speed whorls can also be used for a wide range of ratios.

Included acccessories: poly drive band, threading hook, 3 travel bobbins, medium and fast whorls, poly drive band and cotton double drive band.

Weight: 15 lb.
Orifice Height: 26"
Drive Wheel: 22-1/2"

 Spinning Ratios:
Whorl  Ratios 
Extra Slow   4.6:1 & 5.2:1
Slow   6.8:1 & 8.5:1
Medium  10.4:1 & 12.4:1
Fast   15:1 & 17.4:1
High   20:1 & 25.2:1
Super High 21.2:1 & 26.1:1