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Texsolv heddles are polyester and come in bundles of 100 heddles. The heddles are joined but can be clipped apart.

Inserted eye heddles come in bundles of 100.

Flat steel heddles are no longer available.

For Schacht Table Looms, Wolf Pup looms (all models) and Baby Wolf looms, Schacht recommends inserted eye heddles (Texsolv heddles are too light).
For Mighty Wolf and Standard Floor Looms, either inserted eye heddles or 9″ Texsolv heddles (brown) work well.
For the Schacht Inkle Loom and Schacht Tapestry Loom, you can substitute 8-5/8″ heddles (small green) for string heddles.
For Schacht Cranbrook Looms, use 12″ green heddles. For older Cranbrook models, use 11-1/2″ blue heddles.
The Arras Tapestry Loom uses 4″ heddles on a spool.

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