Purls of Wisdom

Purls of Wisdom

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Purls of Wisdom: Knitting Life's Lessons for Little Ones

Lynn Buchheit Janney

How many times do you remember your parents saying, "Be a good sport?" Or "Wait your turn?" And don t forget, "Yes, Please." These are the character-building phrases that we heard when we were growing up, and they are the social courtesies all parents want to teach their children today. This is a book that takes those wonderful pearls of wisdom and translates them into knits and purls. Included in this book are many charming sweaters, blankets and pillows with skill levels ranging from easy to intermediate. The instructions are very readable with graphs of the entire project especially for the knitter who wants to see the complete pattern at one glance. The yarns used are all natural and there are even buttons you can make from found twigs. The patterns use lots of color because who can resist seeing children in playful hues. But you can also find some earth tones to match the countryside in which the book was photographed.