The Long Thread Special Issue

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This 88-page special publication from Long Thread Media collects articles on some of Linda Ligon’s favorite artists and techniques across the fiber world. Fiber artists Sarah Swett and Michael Cook are well known to readers of our publications, while modern embroiderer Sarah K. Benning and artist Susanna Bauer bring their fresh visions to the collection.

In a nod to the creative possibilities of paper, The Long Thread includes a special section with three paper stories: Mary Hark’s handmade paper in Minnesota and Ghana; Aimee Lee’s knitted hanji paper art books, and longtime contributor Sarah Swett’s tiny tapestries made from handspun coffee filters. And a how-to feature on soumak, a hands-on weaving technique, invites readers to explore a warp in a new way.

This collection of delights covers a variety of fibers, textile techniques, and colorful personalities, illustrated with rich, immersive photography. Get your copy and discover why a thread can take you anywhere.
  • Discover new voices in fiber arts
  • Immerse yourself in stunning images
  • Learn about unusual crafts