magical materials to weave

Magical Materials to Weave

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Magical Materials to Weave: Blending Traditional and Innovative Yarns

Lotte Dalgaard

For weavers who want to learn innovative techniques that blend traditional and high-tech yarns on multi-shaft looms into unique material, this book from highly respected weaver Lotte Dalgaard is the ultimate resources. Dalgaard worked for more than 10 years developing inventive hand-loomed fabric with attractive pleats, folds, frills, and crinkles, working closely with fashion designer Ann Schmidt who took Dalgaard's pioneering fabrics and shaped them into garments—without cutting. The results are fascinating and set a whole new style of hand-woven fashion. Loom-formed textiles are exciting because the cloth becomes the protagonist, not simply a backdrop for the pattern-cutting design skills. Dalgaard now shares her secrets in this straightforward guidebook that includes a helpful list of yarn suppliers, a shrinkage chart, and dozens of illustrative photographs and diagrams, so all weavers can share in the pleasure and play with magical materials.

Publisher Trafalgar Square Books, 2012
ISBN 1570765286, 9781570765285
Length 78 pages