Cranbrook Countermarche Loom

Cranbrook Countermarche Loom

Regular price $8,159.00 Sale price $6,200.00 Save $1,959.00

48″ weaving width and comes with worm gear, sliding threading bench, suspended tool shelf and a Cranbrook loom bench. It is a 4-shaft loom, and 4 more shafts can be added for an additional $1705 plus tax and shipping. This loom can be picked up locally or shipped by freight carrier. 

The Cranbrook Loom is widely considered to be the finest countermarche loom available today. This Scandinavian-style loom has mortise-and-tenon construction, powder-coated breast and rear beams, treadle locks, and a fully adjustable overhead beater. 

The front, rear, and knee beams of powder-coated tubular steel give the loom added rigidity while affording better protection for the warp. The solid octagonal warp and cloth beams are 16-1/2″ in circumference. The Cranbrook can be expanded from 4 to 8 shafts at any time. Its locking treadles are especially helpful for rug and tapestry weaving. Solid bronze ratchet gears, pawls, and beater hanger racks are featured on all Cranbrook looms. The warp beam ratchet gear is released by a foot pedal.

Please email about shipping costs for Cranbrook looms.