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We have teaching as our first love so it's easy to keep that a priority. Almost all of our employees in the shop also teach classes and in the course of a regular day a lot of extra teaching is done - from showing someone the Kitchener stitch to explaining what a yo means.

We invite you to come in, take a class, ask some questions, or just say hi. We are here because we love to teach!


THE KNITTER’S HANDY BOOK OF SWEATER PATTERNS and co-author of WRAP STYLE, LACE STYLE and BAG STYLE. When she isn’t writing about knitting, she is knitting.

Betsy Blumenthal - Received her MFA at Indiana University, owned a shop (Yarns Unlimited) and taught at Indiana University in the Fine Arts Department. She has taught all over the U.S. including Convergence. Besides her articles and work in Handwoven and Weaver’s magazines, she co-authored HANDS ON DYEING.

Cheryl Oberle - Spends her days knitting, designing and teaching. Besides being the founder of KNITAWAY IN THE ROCKIES, she is the author of FOLK SHAWLS, FOLK VESTS and KNITTED JACKETS: 20 DESIGNS FROM CLASSIC TO CONTEMPORARY. Her work has been featured in HANDPAINT COUNTRY, A GATHERING OF LACE and the ONE SKEIN WONDER series and she has designed for major knitting magazines and yarn companies. Cheryl also has her own line of self-published designs and kits featuring her hand-dyed yarn.

Chris Switzer -is a weaver and spinner, has raised alpacas in Estes Park for 35 years. Alpaca fleece is soft and warm and comes in many natural colors. It is a joy to spin and then knit/crochet/weave/or felt. Chris has a BFA in Weaving plus a double major in Anthropology from CSU. She began weaving and spinning in 1971 and has been a HGB member that long too. Her book, Spinning Alpaca, Camel andPaco Vicuña is now in the 4th edition and available at Shuttles..

Connie Kephart - Is addicted to spindle spinning. Her handspun yarns have won prizes and ribbons at Estes Park Wool Market, Maryland Sheep and Wool and the Taos Wool Festival. Come find out what delights her so much about this simple tool.

David Johnson - Holds degrees in weaving from Colorado State University and the Cranbrook Academy of Art. His teaching experience includes positions at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, the Appalacian Center for Craft and Front Range Community College. In addition, David has taught workshops at Penland and Arrowmont.

Debi Dodge -Was the Superintendent of the Handspun Yarn Show at the Boulder
County Fair for 10 years. She has been the judge at the Estes Park Wool
Festival and is a 3 time Medallion winner for her designer yarns at the Taos
Wool Festival.

Debbie O’Neill - Loves to share knitting knowledge and will happily talk knitting for hours. Her designs have been featured in several magazines and books and her first book THE STITCH COLLECTION will be available from Lark in 2010. You can find her as DebbieO on Ravelry and her patterns under Nutty Creations.

Denise Renee Grace - Works at Schacht Spindle Company, troubleshooting customer’s equipment problems, taking orders and assisting in creative projects. She has an art degree with an emphasis in weaving and quilting, so the Zoom Loom is the perfect tool for her and she enjoys spreading her enthusiasm about this little tool.

Donna Brown - Is a fiber artist with degrees in Textile Chemistry and Clothing and Textiles. A natural dye expert and teacher, she has taught classes across the U.S. including Penland School for Craft and the 2002 Color Congress. She loves to share her knowledge and passion for natural dyes.

Donna Druchanas - Learned to knit before she could read. Her designs and articles have been featured in Family Circle, Knitters, Interweave Knits and Inknitters. She is the author of THE KNITTED RUG, ARCTIC LACE, ETHNIC KNITTING DISCOVERY, ETHNIC KNITTING EXPLORATION, KITTY KNITS and SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING.

Gail Madden - Has worked with yarns and fabrics since childhood. An accomplished craftsperson, she combined her interest in fabrics with weaving when she took her first rag weaving class. She has been weaving, dyeing and teaching about rags ever since. Look for her designs in Handwoven.

Heide Murray - Has been needlefelting since 2001 when she joined the Handweavers Guild of Boulder happy to learn a fiber art that was slightly less complicated than most. She has been designing her own characters since that very Fall and loves teaching felting to others to see what they can create. She loves to make and sell smiling characters for big and small. She has been published in WEE FELT WORLDS, by Lark Publishing and her business is All Good Wishes.

Jane Patrick - Jane Patrick - As a past editor of Handwoven magazine and with her involvement with Schacht Spindle Company, Jane is very knowledgeable about many areas of weaving. Teaching rigid heddle is one of her many loves. Her book TIME TO WEAVE is a must read as is her new book THE WEAVERS IDEA BOOK.

Joy Markley - Is an experienced corporate computer trainer as well as an avid knitter. Put that combination together and you find someone who is passionate about showing others how to use technology-especially if it applies to making their knitting more efficient and fun!

Judith Tutt Taylor - Has been knitting since childhood, taught by her mother to keep her occupied. She has attended various Nordic knitting conferences and retreats; recently she spent two weeks in Estonia knitting with Nancy Bush, learning from the mentors and buying yarn... She is enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge of Nordic techniques she knows and loves.

Judy Steinkoenig - Has been teaching weaving classes since 1983 including Beginning Weaving at Convergence 2004. You can see her weavings in Handwoven magazine. This, plus being a knowledgeable and lively speaker, keeps her in much demand up and down the Front Range.

Kristi Anderson - Learned to knit as a Girl Scout Leader and hasn’t ever stopped. One of our most prolific knitters, she is always creating new, wonderful pieces.

Laura Farson - Is the author of NEW TWISTS ON TWINED KNITTING and KNITTING SCANDINAVIAN SLIPPERS AND SOCKS. She has taught twined knitting techniques across the country. On the side, she creates purses and totes made from recycled seat belts.

Lily Huff - Is an expert of hand knitted super fine Russian lace, continuing a centuries old family fiber art tradition. She learned to knit lace at an extremely young age from her family in Russia. Lily is a lace designer, avid fine lace spinner and knitter.

Maggie Casey - Is the author of START SPINNING - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE GREAT YARN. A spinner since 1973 she holds the Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning. Look for her workshops at Estes Park, Maryland Sheep and Wool and Yarn Fest. Don’t miss her DVDs: START SPINNING, BIG AND LOFTY YARNS and GETTING STARTED ON A DROP SPINDLE.

Margaret Tullis - learned to tat and crochet as a child from a sitter who found she could keep her quiet with a shuttle or hook and a ball of string. Later, and by then a weaver and spinner, she couldn’t resist basketry when the material fell from her Florida trees. She has produced baskets and craft for mail-order as well as installations and galleries. She loves to learn and she loves to share.

Margaret Wahlin - Learned to knit and crochet at an extremely young age from her mother in Scotland. Knitting has always been an integral part of her life and the more complicated the patterns are, the better. Margaret has become certified as a Knitting Instructor by the Craft Yarn Council of America. She is also an avid weaver and spinner

Nancy Jencks - Has been sewing for over fifty years, making everything from tailored suits to fringed cowboy costumes for Halloween. If it can fit under a presser foot, she’ll sew it to something. She is an avid spinner, weaver, dyer, knitter and crocheter who enjoys combining these crafts to make something useful and beautiful.

Roxana Bartlett - Is both an artist-quiltmaker and a knitwear designer. Leading a double life isn’t as difficult as it sounds, she says, since both reflect an aspect of her creativity and both are exciting. Her book SLIP STITCH KNITTING is an Interweave Press best seller.

Sally Kuhn - Worked for yarn during high school and college, helping with knitting, crochet and needlepoint projects. An avid weaver since 1994, you can see her woven triple weave pick-up cougar in the main office of Smiley Middle School in Denver. Kumihimo and ply split braiding are also addictions.

Sara Goldenberg - Earned her MFA in Fibers from Colorado State University. During her time at CSU she created her own art as well as taught multiple classes in the Fibers department. Sara assisted Jane Patrick with her rigid heddle weaving book THE WEAVERS IDEA BOOK. Sara has shown her artwork throughout the U. S. and beyond. She is an avid weaver, knitter and sewer and enjoys working with non traditional fiber materials.

Sharon Dalebout - Was born with knitting needles in her fingers. Sharon is an accomplished quilter, embroiderer and knitter. Sharing her knowledge is one of her greatest pleasures. Look for her work in Handwoven and Interweave Knits.

Sharon Vair - spends her days in Northern Colorado breeding sheep that produce some of the best fleece in the area, if not the entire country. Look for her prize winning fleece at the Estes Park Wool Market and Taos.

Stephanie Sokolov - Trained in accessory design at the Fashion Institute and teaches throughout the United States. She is the coauthor of YEARNING TO WEAVE AND SPIN. Her work can be found in Spin-Off and THE WEAVER’S IDEA BOOK by Jane Patrick.

Suzanne Connolly-Howes - Taught environmental science and nature crafts to children and families, since retirement she has devoted time to art. She creates whimsical animals, birds and insects with felt, paints silk scarves and creates garden sculptures with clay and mosaics.

Susan Wilson - Received the Handweavers Guild of America’s Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving, Master level in 1990. Her work has been published in Weavers and Handwoven, and she teaches workshops all over the U.S. including Convergence.


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Need help? Here is a list of our recurring clinics taught by our instructors.

45 Minutes $25 or Bring a Friend, 2 for $40
Tuesday, 11am–4pm or Saturday, 10am–12pm
Roxana Bartlett, instructor
Is there an ailing sweater project in your life? A pattern suffering from confusion? Do you need a review of some basics? Want to conquer the dreaded dropped stitch and other problems? This is an opportunity to focus on your own knitting goals in a private or semiprivate session. AGES 8–80.

Last meeting before the Summer break!
Tuesday, May 16, 7–8:30pm
Join us for our last meeting before the Summer break! The vest pattern that will keep everyone happily knitting across the summer months will be given out. Help us get ready to keep the kids warm next winter.

Monday, May 1, June 5, July 3, 7–9:30pm
Day Change: Monday, August 14 & Tuesday, September 5, 7–9:30pm. Bring your wheel and/or needles and join other knitters & spinners in an evening of good company.

45 Minutes $25
Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 11am–4pm
Margaret Tullis, instructor
Do you have crochet questions? Are you stuck on a project? Need help understanding directions? Want help starting a new project or finishing an old one? Crochet clinic is the answer. Bring your projects and problems, and we will talk crochet.

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